Maestri del Dessert

Handcrafted excellence in a world of sweetness.

Dessert Masters

Handcrafted excellence in a world of sweetness.


Since 1946.
Italy's greatest patisserie

Bindi: since 1946 Italy's greatest patisserie.


For over 70 years, we have offered comprehensive support and services to our dessert-loving clients.

Whatever your requirements, Bindi is always by your side

ready to surprise and delight you with our innovative products, unmatched expertise, and genuine passion.

On a constant quest for superior quality and excellence, from dessert preparation to service delivery,

Bindi is your proud patisserie of choice. Since 1946.

Always by your side

Browse our catalogs and find your perfect dessert.

Exclusively for the end consumer.


Milan-based clients can place orders on specific product selections and have them delivered in 24 hours straight to their doorstep.

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A sweet journey to discover
Italy's greatest patisserie.

accademia del dessert bindi

Dessert Academy courses.

The Dessert Academy is a place where excellence meets human connection, and precious bonds are formed. This represents a crucial moment to communicate and share our ideas and values – from production to presentation, from display to plating, from the mode of consumption to sustainability. This is the world of the Dessert Academy: training and expertise for a successful food business.